2016-2017 OFFICERS

President - Ciaran Lynch
Vice President - Mike Dombrowski
Treasurer - Thomas Queally
Match Secretary - Keegan Mastropietro
Alumni Liaison - John Phelan


Moderator - Bobby Davis
Team Chaplain - Fr. Rick Malloy, S.J.
Club Sports - Bobby Hermes
Head Coach - Bill Gregory
Backs Coach - Quinn Conaboy
Forwards Coach - Ed Robinson



The EPRU and the University of Scranton fully support the USA Rugby Collegiate Committee’s statement regarding conduct and expects ALL collegiate teams to abide by this statement:

“Collegiate rugby players and COACH'S represent their colleges and are ambassadors of collegiate rugby in the United States. As such, collegiate rugby players and COACH'S are expected to behave with dignity both on and off the field. Collegiate rugby players and COACH'S should not tolerate rude or anti-social behavior of any sort which would reflect negatively on the image of USA Rugby or the student athlete’s college/university, and the image of collegiate rugby as a serious and disciplined athletic endeavor. Any breach of this Code of Conduct will be forwarded to the appropriate disciplinary committee for action.”



Members of the University of Scranton Rugby Team must abide by the policies of the USA Rugby and East Penn Rugby Union (EPRU) organizations as well as those of the University of Scranton. Under these policies, alcoholic beverages are prohibited at ALL rugby events.

Below is an overview of the EPRU Alcoholic Beverage Policy:

  1. Drinking by those under the legal age is prohibited. Rugby is not an excuse to drink illegally.

  2. At rugby matches held on property owned by the University or College, the serving or selling of alcoholic beverages before, during or after the match is prohibited. In addition, all school policies on alcoholic beverages must be strictly adhered to by everyone in attendance.

  3. At rugby matches involving only collegiate teams in an off-campus location, the selling or serving of alcoholic beverages before, during or after the match is prohibited. Local policies, such as by the Township, City and/or Parks Department, must be followed.

  4. At rugby matches or events that mix collegiate and senior clubs, alcoholic beverages shall not be served or sold unless a procedure is in effect that will prevent serving of alcoholic beverages to under age persons. This procedure must be in writing and approved by the EPRU prior to the event and must also be establish in accordance with all local policies, such as by the Township, City and/or Parks Department.

  5. It is the ultimate responsibility of college and local officials to insure that their own regulations and laws are enforced.

  6. Disciplinary action will be utilized to censure clubs, event hosts, and others under the jurisdiction of the EPRU who fail to take the necessary action to enforce these regulations.